Me and My Boyfriend ALWAYS Fight, What Do I Do About it?

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July 24, 2008

Hi Katie,

Me and this guy have been hooking up for 6 months now. At first it was just for fun, but now we like each other and we both know we like each other. He doesn’t want a relationship because he’s afraid when we fight one of us will just say ok, it’s over. Then it will really be over.

So were just staying the way we are. Of course we don’t let one another hook up with other girls. With our fighting it’s really confusing because we fight over the stupidest things. It’s just I’ve never had a guy who “likes me” treat me the way he does.

He jokes around, but it hurts me and when I give the signs of being annoyed or sad, he gets mad at me for acting that way. But then I’ll try to get over it, then he always ends up hooking up with me, and I don’t even notice the game he’s playing.

I don’t know if he likes me anymore or is just more concentrated on hooking up. It is hard because I feel the only way to make him happy anymore is to hook up with him…and that’s all I want to see: him happy. Please HELP me!

By the way it’s hard to just move on because I have been with him for 6 months now. So I obviously have strong feelings for him.

~ Cambria


Hi Cambria,

Sounds like when he jokes around you take it seriously rather than finding the humor in it.

You weren’t specific on what his jokes were, but if they really are hurtful you need to communicate that to him so he is aware of how his jokes are affecting you.

But tell him in a calm and objective way; don’t tell him when you are all annoyed and mad at him, that could lead to another argument.

If all else fails, find a guy who will make you happy and you feel like you don’t have to try and change anything about yourself for.

Rather than feeling like you always have to please him, start thinking about how you can please yourself.



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  1. hi i have been inlove nith this other guy for 9 months know. what is stressing is that we always fight about phone issues. so i dont know what to do. help

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